WHO is WHO in Europe
  PRINZ, Dieter
Profession: Professor at the University of Karlsruhe,
Head of the Section of Rural Engineering within the Institute of  Water Resources Management, Hydraulic and Rural Engineerin
Year of birth: 1943
Nationality: German
  JAMIESON, Derek George
Profession: Civil Engineer
Year of birth: 1941
Nationality: British
  THOMSEN, Thorkild
Profession: Manager of International Operations
Year of birth: 1952
Nationality: Danish
Profession: Senior Water Engineer in charge of the Operation and  Maintenance (Water Supply Projects) Division of the  Water Development Department of Cyprus.
Year of birth: 1943
Nationality: Cypriot
  TSAKIRIS, George
Profession: Professor in Water Resources Management
School of Surveying and Rural Engineerin
National Technical University of Athens.
Year of birth: 1951
Nationality: Greek
Profession: Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Hydrotechnics,
Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania
Year of birth: 1967
Nationality: Rumanian